Rock collectors from Germany visited Teghout (03.06.2013)

On June 3, a group of rock collectors from Federal Republic of Germany (Heinz Hublitz, Andreas Oehlmann, Rudolf Geipel, Antoine Kies (University of Luxemburg), Zornitza Tosheva (University of Luxemburg), Reinhard Barth, Juergen Backhauss) visited Teghout cjsc. The group included both geologists and environment protection specialists, as well as specialists from other fields.

They visited the drill core warehouse of Teghout cjsc and got acquainted with the samples of ores existing in Teghout deposit. By the request of the group, also a tour was organized to the territories of the deposit where historical and cultural monuments had been found. The measures undertaken by Teghout cjsc for the protection of those monuments as well as other environmental components have been introduced.